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Big Bear Teddy Bear

The State animal of CA is the grizzly bear as well, the name of where my Aunt & Uncle live is Big Bear Lake.

The pattern I drew did not lend itself to a silhouette pattern so I opted for a full jointed bear.
I Googled pictures of Big Bear Lake to get reference for the vista I planned to stitch on one side.

I am not 100% happy with how the head joins the body and I want the feet to be more pigeon toed - so more mods to be done on future pattern attempts.
I am happy how the 1st attempt turned out especially with the embroidered details in the tree, water and rocks :)

Bear/bear3.jpg Bear/bear2.jpg Bear/bear1.jpg Bear/bear7.jpg
Bear/bear6.jpg Bear/bear5.jpg Bear/bear4.jpg Bear/bear9.jpg
Bear/bear13.jpg Bear/bear12.jpg Bear/bear11.jpg Bear/bear10.jpg

BearProd/bearProd8.jpg BearProd/bearProd7.jpg BearProd/bearProd4.jpg BearProd/bearProd3.jpg
BearProd/bearProd2.jpg BearProd/bearProd1.jpg BearProd/bearProd6.jpg BearProd/bearProd5.jpg

This creation is NFS - sorry

Corbot 2003

This year for my nephew's birthday, I created for him a robot named for him - The CORBOT 2003

Original pattern using reference.

Corbot/corbot02.jpg Corbot/corbot01.jpg Corbot/corbot07.jpg Corbot/corbot06.jpg
Corbot/corbot05.jpg Corbot/corbot04.jpg Corbot/corbot03.jpg Corbot/corbot10.jpg
Corbot/corbot09.jpg Corbot/corbot08.jpg Corbot/corbot11.jpg Corbot/corbot16.jpg
Corbot/corbot15.jpg Corbot/corbot14.jpg Corbot/corbot13.jpg Corbot/corbot12.jpg

CorbotWIP/corbotWIP3.jpg CorbotWIP/corbotWIP2.jpg CorbotWIP/corbotWIP1.jpg

This creation is NFS - sorry

Toronto Moose

This Toronto coloured Moose was made for my BIG boss at work.

He hales from Newfoundland and Toronto is his favorite team. With his promotion and moving to the head offices in the USA, I wanted to ensure Canada "represents" - so I made him a mascot for his desk.

I created this pattern using a reindeer pattern as a reference point. I think I did a good job, not 100% happy with bits of it - the toes did not work out the way I wanted, but his antlers turned out awesome. As well the ears can be posed "attentively up" and "depressed down".

Moose/Moose9.jpg Moose/Moose8.jpg Moose/Moose5.jpg Moose/Moose2.jpg
Moose/Moose7.jpg Moose/Moose4.jpg Moose/Moose11.jpg Moose/Moose10.jpg
Moose/Moose1.jpg Moose/Moose6.jpg Moose/Moose3.jpg

This creation is NFS - sorry
Please contact if interested in a similar commission


My direct boss loves turkey, I have in the past drawn her as a turkey and decided she deserved a desk mascot as well. :)

I created this pattern using a goose pattern as a reference point.

A lot of work went into the four layers in the tail and choosing the colours for the body, wings, head and tail. I really like his wattle and the black heart shaped beads I used for his eyes. His legs could be stronger and more detailed but he can stand on his own.

Turkey/Turkey1.jpg Turkey/Turkey7.jpg Turkey/Turkey6.jpg Turkey/Turkey5.jpg
Turkey/Turkey4.jpg Turkey/Turkey3.jpg Turkey/Turkey2.jpg Turkey/Turkey9.jpg

This creation is NFS - sorry
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Eevee - Pokemon

So a friend at work was looking to suprise his girlfriend with her favotie Pokemon.

I designed the pattern from scratch using online reference.

Eevee/Eevee05.jpg Eevee/Eevee04.jpg Eevee/Eevee03.jpg Eevee/Eevee02.jpg
Eevee/Eevee01.jpg Eevee/Eevee07.jpg Eevee/Eevee06.jpg Eevee/Eevee08.jpg
Eevee/Eevee12.jpg Eevee/Eevee11.jpg Eevee/Eevee10.jpg Eevee/Eevee09.jpg
Eevee/Eevee15.jpg Eevee/Eevee14.jpg Eevee/Eevee13.jpg

EeveeWIP/EeveeWIP02.jpg EeveeWIP/EeveeWIP01.jpg

This creation is NFS - sorry

Night Fury

Trying out stuff ...

I used a pattern I found online, not that great: (  - I would make changes if I ever did it again.

Still turned out CUTE!! The perfect moniter mascot ^_^

Tooth/toothless8.jpg Tooth/toothless9.jpg Tooth/toothless4.jpg Tooth/toothless3.jpg
Tooth/toothless2.jpg Tooth/toothless10.jpg Tooth/toothless1.jpg Tooth/toothless7.jpg
Tooth/toothless6.jpg Tooth/toothless5.jpg Tooth/toothless11.jpg

This creation is NFS - sorry

My LOVE Piggy

This PIGGY was made for my husband to take with him on a business trip, it was created from a Japanese pattern I found online.

Some bits I really like - I added a curly tail with wire inside to hold its shape and added a pretty bow. I custom coloured the cheek patches and added the heart on his rump.

I was unhappy with his legs, and would modify the pattern if I make another.

Pig/Pig6.jpg Pig/Pig5.jpg Pig/Pig4.jpg Pig/Pig3.jpg
Pig/Pig2.jpg Pig/Pig7.jpg Pig/Pig1.jpg

This creation is NFS - sorry


Referenced a design online for a Day of the Dead Skull.


This creation is NFS - sorry
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