The Artistic Mayhem of Susan Pfeiffer


These are costumes where I am the Designer, Artificer or both :)
Please forgive the unfinished entries as this page is still a Work in Progress!

Model - Susan Pfeiffer
Enigma is one of a series of The New Gods Pantheon that I have envisioned.

The first created in this series, modeled by Myself at Ad Astra 11 in Toronto. Canada in 1991.

In a time where the faith in the old gods & the sacrificial god have lapsed; humanity has turned to entities that represent the changing times. We see deities created from the discarded leavings of Man; plastic bags, plastic utensils, plastic canisters, clear tape, bubble wrap, straws, exposed film, celluloid, cassette tape, video tape, CDs, laser discs, rubber bands, tires, latex, tinfoil, aluminum, wire, string, thread, cloths. An enigma is a type of riddle generally expressed in radical or allegorical language that requires ingenuity and careful thought for its solution.
The role of this deity in itself is not clearly defined as in many things of this age.

This costume was specifically created to compete for The Great White North’s Costumers Guild Award for Creative use of Theme, Materials and Design that was announced for the Ad Astra 11 Masquerade. I was studying Animation at Sheridan during the creation and parts of many student film went into its creation.

AWARDS: Best Artisan Class; Great White North’s Costumers Guild Award for Creative use of Theme, Materials and Design 

Enigma/ADEnigma1.jpg Enigma/ADworkmanship.jpg Enigma/ADartisan.jpg Enigma/ADaward.jpg

EnigmaAD/ADEnigma2.jpg EnigmaAD/ADEnigma4.jpg EnigmaAD/ADEnigma3.jpg EnigmaAD/ADEnigma5.jpg

EnigmaDisplay/Enigma1.jpg EnigmaDisplay/Enigma3.jpg EnigmaDisplay/Enigma2.jpg EnigmaDisplay/Enigma5.jpg
EnigmaDisplay/Enigma4.jpg EnigmaDisplay/Enigma6.jpg EnigmaDisplay/Enigma7.jpg

Jasmine, Jafar & Aladdin
Models - Deborah Abbot & Dan Abraham
Created in Oalville ON
Worn for an ISSA Costume party we held second year. Dan had asked me to make him Aladdin pants and I thought it would be cool to convince Jeff and Deb to dress up as Jafar and Slave Jasmine. We had a lot of fun!

Aladdin/jasmineJafarAladin.jpg Aladdin/jasmine7.jpg Aladdin/jasmine6.jpg Aladdin/jasmine5.jpg
Aladdin/jasmine4.jpg Aladdin/jasmine3.jpg Aladdin/jasmine2.jpg Aladdin/jasmine1.jpg
Aladdin/aladinJipsey.jpg Aladdin/SlaveJasmine.jpg Aladdin/Jafar_Bows_by_MarsWA.jpg Aladdin/Aladdin.jpg

Puss N’ Boots 1986
Model - Susan Pfeiffer
Created first for Halloween while attending Mt. Allison University, Sackville NB

Entered in Halcon 9, Halifax NS - I had a series of 3 costumes that year, I was presented with a unique category win “Costume Designer”.

Puss/PussMt2.jpg Puss/PussMt1.jpg Puss/PussHC2.jpg Puss/PussHC1.jpg
Puss/PussHC4.jpg Puss/PussHC3.jpg Puss/PussWC3.jpg Puss/PussWC2.jpg

Red Design 1986
This costume was a napkin sketch I made for one of my Beaverbank Live Gaming girlfriends.

It was created for her by her mom, I believe.

Entered in Halcon 9, Halifax NS

Red/REDsm1.jpg Red/Red3.jpg Red/REDsm2.jpg

Ice Maiden 1986
Model - Pauline Jones
Created while attending Mt. Allison University, Sackville NB
Entered in Halcon 9, Halifax

This costume presented a few issues I needed to work around. My model Pauline Jones ‘blossomed’ and required some alterations to the design during the presentation fitting. I also had to sew Pauline into the outfit which wasn’t an issue until later in the day when she needed to use the facilities.

The majority of the costume was made from my Mom’s discarded living room shears, economical on the pocket. The material also had a wonderful ‘flow’ to them when in movement, most of my direction for the model was move yourself and your arms around gracefully.

AWARDS: Best in Show Halcon 9, Most Beautiful Halcon 9

Ice/Ice1.jpg Ice/Ice3.jpg Ice/Ice2.jpg Ice/Ice5.jpg

Black Unicorn 198?
Model - Krista Olmstead
Created in Halifax, NS

Entered in Wolfcon ?, Wolfville, NS

Created from an illustration I made with my BFF Krista Olmstead in mind.

The horn was created from upholstery foam that I carved into a spiral; it was attached by hot glue to a metal head piece. I’d like to re-create this costume, as it was quickly made I had less time to ‘fit’ it to my model as I would have liked and it deserved.

Krista entered the room covered in a floor length cloak, stopped mid stage, thru the cloak off and stated “Stick and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me!”

AWARDS: Most Thermodynamic (An impromptu new award – described as Costume that generates the most heat when it enters the room)

Unicorn/UniIll2.jpg Unicorn/Uni1.jpg Unicorn/Uni3.jpg Unicorn/Uni2.jpg

Lord Vol, Elfquest 198?
Model - Sean Smith
Created in Halifax, NS
Entered in Wolfcon ?, Wolfville, NS

I loved making this costume for Sean Smith, I was delighted when he agreed to be the model for this recreation from my All Time Favorite Comic – Elfquest.
The pattern on the sleeves was the biggest challenge – solution … permanent marker

Vol/2Voll.jpg Vol/1voll.gif

Zebra Girl - Make Up
Model - Ann Marie Feetham
Wolfcon ?

zebra/Zebra2.jpg zebra/zebra1.jpg zebra/Zebra4.jpg zebra/Zebra3.jpg

Fire Fairy
Model - Krista Olmstead
Created in Halifax, NS
Entered in Wolfcon ?, Wolfville, NS
This costume is an Recycle Upscale Dress: take a 2nd hand dress, creativly shred it & mod shape, adding fabric shreds back on - voila Fairy :)

FireFairy/firefairy2.jpg FireFairy/firefairy1.jpg FireFairy/firefairy4.jpg FireFairy/firefairy3.jpg

Model - Susan Pfeiffer, ? & ?
Created in Halifax, NS
Worn for a Sheerwater Halloween Dance, Dartmouth
Wolfcon ?, Wolfville, NS

Gypsies/gypsies2.jpg Gypsies/Gypsies1.jpg Gypsies/GypsyHair1.jpg Gypsies/Gypsy1.jpg

Sarah, Labyrinth
Model -
Created in Halifax, NS
Entered in Wolfcon ?, Wolfville, NS

Most of the work on this costume is the headpiece which was recreated from the film. The dress is a georgous Junk & Foilbles find :)

Sarah/Sarah4.jpg Sarah/Sarah1.jpg Sarah/Sarah3.jpg Sarah/Sarah2.jpg

Hall Costumes
Misc Wolfcon
Outfits worn for fun, never entered into competition.


Misc Costumes I've made for people over the years.

MiscCostumes/Vamps1.jpg MiscCostumes/video.jpg MiscCostumes/Fairy.jpg

Misc Make-up that I've worked on over the years.

MiscMakeup/ZombieLeadbetter2.jpg MiscMakeup/ZombieLeadbetter.jpg MiscMakeup/dillion1.jpg

Glooscap Tales
Models are camp counselors

Glooscap/gloscap4.jpg Glooscap/gloscap3.jpg Glooscap/gloscap2.jpg Glooscap/gloscap1.jpg

Misc Costumes Designs:
Gaming Character Costume Designs
FFTS Characters Designs
Random Illustrations that would make great costumes :)

Illustrations/sorrow.jpg Illustrations/SeaLife.jpg Illustrations/RedTassel2.jpg Illustrations/RedTassel1.jpg
Illustrations/Opera.jpg Illustrations/Morag.jpg Illustrations/Lizard.jpg Illustrations/Lilly.jpg
Illustrations/Knight.jpg Illustrations/Kitsune.jpg Illustrations/Judge.jpg Illustrations/JoyToyman.jpg
Illustrations/Fey.jpg Illustrations/FFmaiden.jpg Illustrations/elf.jpg Illustrations/bard.jpg
Illustrations/Dale.jpg Illustrations/Brisby.jpg Illustrations/Bast.jpg Illustrations/Angel.jpg


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