The Artistic Mayhem of Susan Pfeiffer

My Mahem: About Me

Resume 2012

Susan Pfeiffer has spent a large portion of her 40+ years living in the wilds of Canada (Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia). Born A-BROAD in Nassau, Bahamas Susan moved to Nova Scotia when she was 5 (after a two year stop-over in Ottawa).

-Insert somewhat uneventful, not worth mentioning childhood here interspersed with Summer Vacations in Cape Breton.-

Upon graduating from high school, Susan elected to follow the Artist path walked previously by her Painter Grannfather and attended Mt. Allison University, soaking up skills in the BFA program. Deciding not to be just a 'Fine Artist' she obtained her Certificate in Costume Studies at Dalhousie University. Her 1st year project, an 1864 Victorian Ball gown was purchased by the Government, for Confederation Centre in PEI, where it still resides.  Susan then took off to Upper Canada and Sheridan College’s “International Summer School of Animation”. Here, as well as receiving her Diploma in Classical Animation she met a lot of interesting students from all over the world.

One of those students told her of an golden opportunity in the land of Texas ... and off she went. She spent the next three years living in Austin and working on a variety of projects at the Heart of Texas Animation Studio, including Space Jam, King of the Hill, Land Before Time V and Franchesco’s Friendly World.

Susan returned to Canada where she worked briefly in Vancouver (beau-ooo-t-full) on a few freelance projects. She returned to Nova Scotia and promptly moved to Miramichi, New Brunswick where she became the Drawing & Design Instructor at NBCC Miramichi’s fledgling Animation Program. The two terms there went by fast and over the summer she stayed busy working as a Production Manager on two ink & paint projects. September 1998 saw her moving back to Halifax to teach at McKenzie College for a year.

In the summer of 1999 the animation industry called her back in the form of Helix Animation Studios, in Halifax. There you could find her busy posing out scenes on such projects as King: Season 1, Mole Sisters: Season 1, Toad Patrol: Season 2, Robo Roach, Undergrads, Street Kids International; Speed’s Choice, For Better or For Worse, Freaky Stories, Pirates, Children of Chelm, Rainbow Fish, Watership Down: Season 1 & 2 and The Oblongs.

The studio closed up shop and Susan was in limbo until she joined the staff at the Centre for Arts and Technology, Halifax, Nova Scotia. She worked during the three years there as, Life Drawing Instructor, Animation Instructor and lecturer for Foundation Art & Design. She was the Animation director on a Flash Animation project, ‘Misfit high’ that was created for Eastlink TV together with students. On the 13 two minute episodes, she maintained show style continuity, designed most of the supporting characters and props and pumped out massive quantities of Flash character build.

Currently Susan, when not busy at her day job, works/makes mayhem out of her home on personal & freelance animation projects, designs, creates and executes fantastical creatures in felt and keeps busy herding cats and occasionally the  husband.


This could be a picture of me, my town, or a recent trip I took. But it's actually from Halcon 2011 :)

"No matter where you go, there you are." Buckaroo Banzai