The Artistic Mayhem Of
Susan Pfeiffer
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The Artistic Mayhem of Susan Pfeiffer,
BedlamCats Studio

Throughout my life I have attempted to take the ideas and concepts in my head and reproduce them in as many forms as I can. Whether it be through animation, life drawing or character designs, illustrations, art doll design, beading and jewelry making. I have always felt the need to create and be creative.

My approach as a texture artist is to design using traditional methods, take that design and turn it into a pattern and then create a One of a Kind Whimsey: a plush representation of that original design. As a line is the start of every design, it is carried thru into the 3D realization. Every creation sports its lines on the outside, not hidden and turned under.

I love to play with colour; so the lines in my design, contrast the body and allow for greater combinations of colours. My beadwork follows the same path, pulling inspiration from the cabochons I work with; stones, fossils, glass & lampwork. Each piece I bead is OOAK and hand-stitched with care.

My main aim is to instill a sense of playfulness and whimsey in my finished works that will appeal to all, both young and old.


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