Space Jam - Warner Bros. Studios

April 1994 to December 1996 - Heart of Texas Productions Inc. in Austin, Texas

FX Animation Keys and Troubleshooter

- My responsibilities included designing character rim lights and tones, keying out such scenes and rendering rim lights, tones, and drop shadows. Was also one of the “trouble shooters” put to task on conflicts and problems within scenes, was required to adjust animation when necessary to make the scene work.

Undergrads MTV

August 1999 to December 2003 - Helix Animation Inc. in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Pre Production Work - Posing

- Worked on a number of shows that we created Layouts and Posing for, work was animated overseas.

Toad Patrol

Mole Sisters

Robo Roach

Freaky Stories - YTV

Street Kids International: Speed’s Choice

Monster High - Eastlink TV

Centre for Arts and Technology, Halifax School Project

School Project I acted as an animation advisor for the Second-year students. Together with our students, I worked as the Animation director on a Flash Animation project, ‘Misfit high’ for Eastlink TV. We delivered to the client, 13 two-minute episodes.

Misfit High Pitch Pack

Monster High - School Project - drawing ruff